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The Holy Synod of Greece is asked to return 5 million euros&gifts by the late Archbishop Christodoul

The Church of Greece could be set to take legal action against the employees of its non-governmental organization (NGO) Allilegi (Solidarity) after the results of an internal probe are made known to the Holy Synod today.

Sources said that the investigation has revealed that funds totaling some 10 million euros appear to be missing from the organization’s accounts.

It is thought that the money was spent on activities that had nothing to do with the NGO. There are questions about the outlay of some 150,000 euros on items that were given as gifts by the late Archbishop Christodoulos, as well as the purchase of cars that were used by some bishops.

Also, the Foreign Ministry is demanding the return of 5 million euros that it gave to Allilegi for the distribution of food abroad, which was never carried out.

Tags: greece, synod, the head of the greek orthodox church

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